History of the Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus is one of the most prestigious science faculties in the South of Thailand in all: Teaching, Learning, Research and Academic services. The faculty was established in 1967, the same year the Prince of Songkla University was established.

Currently, the Faculty of Science consists of 4 divisions: Physical Science, Biological Science, Computational Science and Health and Applied Sciences. There are 13 undergraduate and 28 graduate programs: 17 master’s degrees (5 international programs) and 11 doctoral degrees (6 international programs). Throughout the time of establishment, the faculty has continuously developed academic strength, scientific teaching and learning, and technology with the aim to produce science graduates with knowledge according to international standards that are full of morality and ethics, and be able to step on the world stage with pride.


To embrace the concepts and practices of sustainable development

  • Research and innovation that address the requirements of society and national development
  • The pursuit and provision of academic excellence
  • To become a main driver of sustainable development for the southern region and the country

The development of a scientific workforce with knowledge and morality that produces research, innovation, and academic services to support future industries and sustainable development.



S: Sustainability
C: Collaboration
I: Innovation
P: Professionalism
S: Social Responsibility
U: Unity

Corporate Culture

Our Soul is for the Benefit of Mankind