International Conference on Technologies for Smart Green Connected Societies (ICTSGS-1)


You are welcome to join the First International Conference on Technologies for Smart Green Connected Societies (ICTSGS-1)(see more: The Conference will be held on November 29-30, 2021 (online). The researchers, students, and everyone who is interested, to participate in this conference can registration in this link:

This conference open opportunities for Proceedings / ECS Transactions indexed on Scopus (Impact Score 0.52). Moreover, your work will get a chance to be published in Journal of the Electrochemical Society (Impact Factor 4.316, Q1) or Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (Impact Factor 2.070, Q2).

Deadline for abstract submission within September 15, 2021 in this link: For more information, please see at

Topic and Conference Tracks followed by

  • 01 SF: Sustainable Food Security
    •  SF1: Societies, Sustainability, Food and Agriculture
    • SF2: Ecological Restoration: Land and Underwater
  • 02 NS: Natural Science and Mathematics
    •  NS1: Physics
    • NS2: Chemistry
    • NS3: Mathematics & Statistics
  • 03 NB: Biology
  • 04 ES: Environmental Sciences
  • 05 SE: Sensors & Wearable Devices
    • SE1: Sensors
    • SE2: Wearable Electronics
  • 06 SED: Energy Conversion & Storage
  • 07 GM: Materials, Micro & Nanosystems
    •  GM1- Materials
    • GM2- Microsystems & Nanotechnology
  • 08 GE: Sustainable Engineering
    • GE1- Electronics
    • GE2- Electrical
    • GE3- Computers & Information Technology
    • GE4- Mechanical Engineering
    • GE5- Industrial and System Engineering
    • GE6- Smart Industries
    • GE7: Additive Manufacturing: 3D & 4D printing + Robotics
  • 09 SM: Sustainability Management & Humanities
    • SMH1: Management
    • SMH2- Humanities
  • 10 General Session: Technologies For Smart Connected Societies